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Gonstead Technique at Pawlovich Chiropractic

At Pawlovich Chiropractic, our chiropractic method of choice is the Gonstead Technique. Named after its developer, Dr. Clarence Gonstead, this approach came from his mechanical engineering background. Dr. Gonstead’s “foundation principle” explains how a nerve interference pattern in one area of the spine can produce compensatory changes in another.

Biomechanically speaking, everything below needs to be functioning properly to help what is functioning above. Neurologically speaking, the brain-body communication is above-down and inside-out.”

Why We Offer This Method

While in chiropractic college, Dr. Pawlovich enjoyed receiving some adjustments with the Gonstead Technique. His roommate also studied the method, and Dr. Pawlovich was impressed by what he learned about the technique. “It just instantly resonated with me,” said Dr. Pawlovich.

Our chiropractor received training under Dr. John Thatcher. Prior to Dr. Gonstead’s death, he gave a certain number of letters that permitted select doctors to carry out his work. Dr. Thatcher was one of those learned and privileged chiropractors. “Dr. Thatcher was held in high esteem and I was honoured to intern under him during the last part of my schooling,” said Dr. Pawlovich.

With Gonstead, we use the following to help determine where and what our chiropractor needs to adjust:

  • X-rays
  • Hand palpation
  • Motion palpation
  • Temperature-sensing devices

Each patient will be repeatedly analyzed and given an individual care plan based on how they’re presenting.

The biggest benefit is how the adjustment is performed. Not only do we look at where to adjust, but also how the adjustment is performed—what we call the line of drive. The angle of the adjustment is precise in principle.

“During my training under Dr. Thatcher, I can still hear him in the back of my head, telling me what to do and how to do it,” said Dr. Pawlovich.

Many people have watched videos about the benefits of Gonstead care and how different patients have achieved certain results with it. They then seek chiropractors, such as Dr. Pawlovich who use the method.

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