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Chiropractic Care

As the third largest primary contact health care profession in Canada, chiropractic has become highly credible and is considered very effective for many health challenges.” Dr. Pawlovich

Fostering Optimal Brain-Body Communication

The purpose of chiropractic care is to allow the brain and body to communicate as best as possible. Trauma, stress, injury or repetitive movements can impair that ability to communicate and heal. Your body already knows what it needs to do but something can be interfering.

Through the chiropractic adjustment, we can increase brain-body communication, create new neural pathways and reduce interference so that you can function more effectively and efficiently.

Our Techniques


This rapid and precise instrument technique stimulates the receptors in the spinal joint. The Accustim does 12 to 14 impulses per second into the precise spot that requires adjusting. This method is particularly popular for younger and older patients, or those who prefer a lighter force adjustment.

Drop Table

A drop table is used when Dr. Pawlovich works on the pelvis and hips to get greater hip mobility and range of motion into the pelvis and the hips.


Dr. Pawlovich has been classically trained in the Gonstead Technique, which is a traditional yet complex spinal analysis and adjustment system.

Here are some benefits that you may experience while under care:

  • Better sleep
  • Reduced pain
  • Increased energy

  • Improved posture
  • Better balance
  • Improved movement & function

Helping Patients Feel at Ease

At Pawlovich Chiropractic, we understand if you have never had chiropractic care before and are unsure as to what to expect. If you feel apprehensive about anything, we would love to discuss and address your concerns.

Here, we provide safe, gentle, and effective care. It’s important to note that an adjustment doesn’t need to be forceful to get a good result.

Dr. Pawlovich will often start each visit by using the Accustim® instrument, a percussing type instrument. Often there is something that requires to be manually adjusted. He will inquire with you as to your preference of manual or instrument adjusting. “We take pride in making an effort to have people understand and feel comfortable with the care they’re about to receive,” he said.

Often, we find that the most apprehensive patients will leave the office relieved about their concerns and pleasantly surprised that their fear was a non-issue. We go out of our way to help demystify any potential issues that some people may have concerns with. You are always in control of your care and must consent before anything is performed. You can also end your care, at any time…just let us know.

It is important that we convey to patients that their particular issue isn’t necessarily going to go away immediately. Sometimes it does, but it is a process to try and address the problem. Dr. Pawlovich communicates to patients a realistic expectation from their plan of what we hope to accomplish.

Maybe you injured your back and were seeking prompt, relief care or are already feeling great and want to remain that way, we provide a spectrum of care. Patients simply want their problem addressed as efficiently and effectively as possible. If and when the problem has been managed, you are welcome to stop your care and self-monitor your health… or continue with a maintenance/wellness schedule every three weeks. Many of our patients choose wellness care because they value periodic, wellness chiropractic care to stay well. The choice is always yours.

Again, once the problem has been addressed, we will review your options. You can call us when you want to come back, or you can return on a wellness schedule.

Some people say, “Once you go to a chiropractor, you have to keep going!” We say, “Once you experience the benefits of chiropractic, you will often WANT to keep going.” It is like saying “Once I do something for my health, like exercising or eating better, I see the benefits and CHOOSE to continue. Chiropractic care is no different.” One of the benefits of seeing us regularly is we can maintain the improvements that you’ve made as well as address any new issues that crop up within those three weeks.

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